Dina Gligor

Massage therapist/Esthetician


Hot Stones Massage

DINA'S SIGNATURE MASSAGE: $70/60 minutes - $90/80 minutes

A full-body relaxation massage incorporating hot stones, aromatherapy and deep tissue elements on specific areas.

MUSCLE TENSION RELEASE: $70/60 minutes - $90/80 minutes

A goal-oriented massage that alleviates tension by reducing muscle pain and releasing tightness with specific massage modalities. Recommended for stiff neck, shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain.

HOT STONES MASSAGE: $90/60 minutes - $120/80 minutes

Warm lava stones from Peru and essential oils, induce deep relaxation and help the removal of cellular waste from the tissues. Recommended for all those who want to try a unique experience.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE: $60/60 minutes

This technique is particularly helpful in reducing swelling. Soft soothing strokes encourage the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. Recommended for those who need a body detox.

Swedish Massage

SPORTS MASSAGE: $40/30 min (pre-sport) - $70/60 min (post-sport)

Promotes tissue relaxation and helps to remove the accumulation of lactic acid in joints and ligaments produced from regular exercise.

EXPRESS MASSAGE: $40/30 minutes

A short massage targeting your needs. Recommended between two massage sessions, for those in need and have little time.

CHAIR MASSAGE: $1/per minute

Skin Care


A fully customized experience, including a complete skin analysis, followed by skin cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, and toning. A personalized massage of facial muscles, neck and decollete, and a facial mask will complete the treatment. Recommended for all skin types and conditions. 


This unique treatment uses oxygen molecules to carry active ingredients deep into the skin, accelerating and enhancing their effect. Recommended for prematurely aging skin, aging, and sagging.



A noninvasive treatment that will peel away dead skin cells. A nourishing mask will restore the nutrients deep into the skin. It would diminish fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of pigmentation.


Gentle pore cleaning, extraction, light massage, and mask. Thorough education on maintaining healthy skin. Recommended for teens.


The deepest cleaning followed by thorough extraction and a purifying mask. Recommended for acne skin or skin with breakouts.

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